Connecting Dating US Online

Here is a list of the top ten US online connecting dating sites.

Connecting Dating

Connecting dating online can help people improve their emotional life, in connecting dating area there is a lot of competing companies.

Recently, Yahoo based on the last 30 days of users' search data, a list of the top ten US online connecting dating sites appears, the date is possibly not so accurate, but can reflect some problems. The detailed list is as follows:


OkCupid company topped the list is not surprising, because OkCupid has become OkCupid company topped the list is not surprising, because OkCupid has almost become the synonym of online dating. OkCupid's search users 68% were men. From the geographical point of view, users are from, including Vermont, Rhode Island and other places.

Established in 1995, and continuing to grow, and now covering 24 countries, supporting 15 languages. It's US users 73% were men. Most users is from North Dakota.


Meetme's slogan is "Here to meet new friends" , more than 900 million users, most from Kentucky, and male users accounted for 67%.


Zoosk's behavior matching algorithm ensures that provides users with "smarter dating" . 71% of users are male, most of the search are from Wyoming.


eHarmony company is from California, which claimed to have a very high success rate of matching in connecting dating, it’s said there are 438 members of eHarmony getting married every day. 54% of users are male, most users are from Minnesota.


Users of this site will be a "chemistry experiment", that is, in a similar personality to match, focus on emotional needs. 68% of users are male, most users are from Maine.


JDate is the most popular connecting dating sites in Jewish young people, thousands of users interact with each other every day online. Most search traffic are from New York and New Jersey, 56% are male.


Skout was originally a business relationship extended application, then gradually developed into the online connecting dating sites. 68% of users are male, Texas most.

9.Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is a Christian online connecting dating site, and is the only site that female users are more than male, accounting for 56%, while most users from Texas.


It is popular among college students users to help you find nearby friends. 78% of users are male, the highest ranking three states of users numbers are: California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

However, US online connecting dating site OKCupid found that almost all men online are just six feet tall (about 1.83 meters), they claim $ 100,000 in annual income. In real life, only a quarter of them reach the income level. The same as markets, online connecting dating sites are full of false advertising and distorted information. More details click here.

So When you date online please be careful in order to not lose your money or hurt your heart.